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What Build Online Resume Offers?

Build Online Resume includes amazing features to get accredited and land your dream job.

Build Online Resume Job Descriptions

Professionally-written Job Descriptions

Our Online Resume Builder highlights your fantastic skills no matter what they are – be it excellent communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, or being an excellent team player. Our Resume Builder AI uses the right words that recruiters want to see based on the thousands of pre-written recruiter approved job description in our program.

Build Online Resume Autofill

Build Resume with Autofill Feature

Filling out lengthy forms can numb your fingers and brain. Save yourself the hassle by using the powerful auto-fill feature in our resume builder, which can place your preferred details where you want in a flash. Using this autofill feature in a resume builder can reduce the stress of worrying about spelling mistakes.

Build Online Resume Cover Letter

Create a Resume Cover Letter

Now you can build resumes online and draft a cover letter without hassle. Including a cover letter with your resume completes your job application. A compelling cover letter makes your resume worth checking out. Use this feature to boost your job application and get noticed by the accredited employers!

Build Online Resume Professional Templates

Professional Resume Templates

It's your choice! Pick any resume or CV template you like because each one has been carefully designed to make you look like a serious professional and a winning candidate. We got a variety of resume templates for every job application.

Build Online Resume Reviews

Want to know how our resume builder has changed the lives of so many happy users? Here is what our customers have to say!

This tool is a life saver for anyone looking to build online resume. Super easy and helpful.
Alan B.
This is the best online resume builder I have seen so far. Helps you to build a resume in less than 5 minutes.
Alicia J.
This really is a professional resume builder. It has thousands of descriptions that you can add to your resume related to your job title. Very helpful and highly recommended
Amanda T.
The resume templates are really cool and professional. Would have taken me hours building such a resume myself.
Aaron K.

Build Online Resume FAQ's

Why Choose Build Online Resume?

Build Online Resume offers its users savvy features like pre-written job descriptions, autofill, resume templates, and more.

This online resume builder is timesaving; you do not have to spend hours writing and arranging details for your professional profile. Another benefit of using Build Online Resume is that you give recruiters and employers exactly what they are looking for. Moreover, the services are not pricey. There are resume template options available for all industry professionals, so if you are not finding a resume design that is preferred in your field, Build Online Resume has it. The features in this resume builder are simple to use and the result would be more than gratifying, try these out now!

What Should I Put on My Resume?

You must have accurate and updated contact information, a powerful objective or summary, work history, skills, and accomplishments on your resume.

Based on your professional experience and achievements, you can add subsections under work, skills, and achievements. You can list down the hard skills you have developed working with an organization, the certifications for trainings you completed, or any awards you have won. An elaborate skills section can make your resume compelling, so do not undermine its significance. If you have worth sharing volunteer work that is relevant to a position you are applying for, do not hesitate to add it. Our Build Online Resume tool will handle the rest.

How long should a resume be?

The notion that a long resume can score you a job is wrong, if you can conclude all the interesting information on one page, it can have a similar impact as a two-page resume.

There is no hard and fast rule for determining the ideal length for the resume. If you are a seasoned worker, use a couple of pages to reveal on your work history, skills you have, and the ones you developed over time and quantifiable accomplishments. For those of you who have just graduated from the university, a one-page resume is enough for listing your educational competence and any worth-mentioning internship and academic projects.

Do I need a Cover Letter for my Resume?

Yes, a cover letter summarizes your career and competence. A well-written cover letter would compel the recruiting managers to read your professional resume to learn more about you.

If you are applying online, you might not need a cover letter, as many tracking systems do not allow the applicants to submit them. Employers earlier considered it as an optional requirement. You need a cover letter more particularly if there are job gaps and you have been switching industries. Draft a brief statement for the letter that tells the potential employers about your work history, skills, and aspirations, or goals. You can build your resume online in 5 minutes now.

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Build Online Resume does all the hard stuff for you. All you need to do now is click, the button below, and follow the simple instructions to build your online resume. In a few minutes, you will be holding your completed resume and ready to take on the world - go get 'em!

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