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Examples of Resume Templates

Here are top 6 examples of online resume templates

Why Choose Online Resume Templates

Here are top 6 reasons to rely on Build Online Resume Templates

Create a Cover Letter Online

A persuasive cover letter would add appeal to your job application. Our resume builder gives you the ability to create a compelling cover letter with just a few clicks using amazing online resume templates!

Amazing Auto Fill Resume Templates

Writing chunks of information within the resume is tiring and time-consuming. With our auto-fill feature, which utilizes information from a huge database, you can speed up the process and get the details right where you want in minimal time.

Likable Resume Templates Online

We have several resume templates to choose from at Build Online Resume. Feel free to take your pick and if you feel confused, ask our experts and they will help you with making the right preference.

Easy to Use Resume Text Editor

Our simple to use text editor makes it convenient. You can add, erase, and tweak the details into the resume templates without getting puzzled.

Fast Resume Builder Online

The best thing about Build Online Resume is that you will not have to spend more than 5 minutes in creating your resume. Our resume builder is very smooth and easy to use. Furthermore, we make things easier for our users by providing them the option to add bullet points related to their Job title in the resume templates. This helps them save time that they would spend on thinking and writing them.

Download Resume in PDF Format

Instantly download your resumes and cover letters in PDF format. Our highly professional online resume templates are specifically designed to be Applicant Tracking System friendly; therefore, any HR software will not reject you.

Online Resume Templates FAQs

How do I format my Resume Online?

A professional resume should have proper margins, spacing, and readable text. You can explore some preferred font styles for resumes that are in our online resume templates. Use bullets instead of long paragraphs.

Avoid long sentences and make sure that the details do not look cluttered and a hassle to go through. The headings need to have the same font size throughout. Do not experiment with colored fonts. Try out templates from Build Online Resume to get your information formatted in no time. There are many options available so you can take your pick for the best resume templates that match your industry and inclinations. We have solid, fresh, epic, and other template ideas; check these out!

Do I need different Resumes for every Job Application?

Tailored or customized resumes would boost your chances of getting hired. You do not necessarily have to change all the details within the resume to apply for a different job.

Read the job ad, highlight the keywords, and think about the sections that you need to tweak. Most of the time you need to make changes to the skills and accomplishments section. A customized job objective or summary can also make your application more relevant. Make sure that you get the edited resume saved as a separate file, LinkedIn also allows you to upload the different versions.

What Should a Resume Look Like in 2020?

There needs to be an inspiring resume objective or summary in the beginning. Keep the details simple and engaging. Share the information in the traditional reverse chronological order.

Add numbers where you can for quantifying the accomplishments. You should mention the long-term career goals or aspirations you have to tell the recruiter that you have dreams and enthusiasm to do better and more. Highlight your skills that are required for the position for which you are applying. Use professional resume templates and make sure that you proofread the text of the resume and job application’s email thrice or more before hitting the send button.

Can I use a Online Resume Template for my Job Application?

Impressing the potential employers does not only require flaunting your competence and skills; it is about how you do that through your resume.

Aesthetical and professional resume templates would allow you to organize and present your work experience, skills, and accomplishments in a compelling manner. Using a resume template saves the time and effort that goes into formatting the text. The layout helps you to make the information easy to read as well. You just need to find an option that is right for your industry. Have a glance at the template choices Build Online Resume has to offer you.

What is the Best Resume Template Online?

For different professionals varying resume templates work. Build Online Resume has solid, fresh, journey, focus, epic, driven, synergy, and sync format options so you can choose the best resume templates right here.

You can explore them in detail to know which layout is right for you.